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Welcome to Sweet Serenity Newborn Care

Milwaukee's premier newborn care providing growing
families sweet sleep, serenity, and peace of mind that their children
are in great hands!

About Me

I am Kayla Dockery CNCS, PPD, and the founder of Sweet Serenity Newborn Care. I adore working with growing families to provide unbiased inclusive support. Adding new members to your family is a joyous and challenging transition and I am passionate about helping you navigate your first steps into this part of your  parenthood journey.

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From in-person support to virtual consultations, custom packages and American Red Cross Safety class, whatever your needs may be in the Milwaukee area and beyond, I can help. Give me a call today for your free initial consultation. 


In-Person Support

Day time, overnight and 24/7 Newborn Care and Postpartum support.
Includes 1-on-1 newborn care, feeding support, helping create and
maintaining daily schedules, caregiver education and more!

American Red Cross Safety Classes

I offer large group classes, up to 10 student, for childcare
providers, birthworkers, and small business looking to train their
staff. I also offer in home concierge classes for new parents
including additional Newborn Education. Classes range $150-$250
depending on your class size and location.

Virtual Consultations

- 30 minute sleep conditioning consultations, $50

- 30 Minute Nursery Safety checks $60

- Newborn Education consultations $50/hr with a 1 hr booking min

...We needed someone to come into our home without judgment and be
able to create a safe and comfortable presence in whatever was needed
moment to moment, whether it was soothing our crying baby, helping
with naps, changing diapers, playing with, or caring for our older
toddler, helping mom get food, water, or time for a shower, as well as
cleaning and caring for our home. Kayla fit the bill in all these ways
and more. She was exactly what we needed. I would often feel a wave of
relief wash over me, when I’d peak at my calendar and see her
scheduled the next day, knowing her help and relief was on its way!
From our first meeting, she was very easy to talk with and to
communicate my needs with. She listened well and learned quickly. It’s
a very personal and intimate time and space for a mother during the
postpartum period. I felt very comfortable around Kayla, from getting
help getting a shower in, to transitioning a baby with her to and from
breastfeeding. She made our entire family feel cared for no matter our

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