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We needed someone to come into our home without judgment and be
able to create a safe and comfortable presence in whatever was needed
moment to moment, whether it was soothing our crying baby, helping
with naps, changing diapers, playing with, or caring for our older
toddler, helping mom get food, water, or time for a shower, as well as
cleaning and caring for our home. Kayla fit the bill in all these ways
and more. She was exactly what we needed. I would often feel a wave of
relief wash over me, when I’d peak at my calendar and see her
scheduled the next day, knowing her help and relief was on its way!
From our first meeting, she was very easy to talk with and to
communicate my needs with. She listened well and learned quickly. It’s
a very personal and intimate time and space for a mother during the
postpartum period. I felt very comfortable around Kayla, from getting
help getting a shower in, to transitioning a baby with her to and from
breastfeeding. She made our entire family feel cared for no matter our

Megan G.

Kayla was an exceptional employee and we found her to be extremely
dependable. She takes initiative and was always reliable, punctual,
and flexible.  She is very knowledgeable regarding child development
and is always seeking to learn and incorporate new ideas into her
craft.  She actively seeks to be the best at her role and we were so
grateful to have her with us during this busy time in our lives.  I am
confident she would be an asset to any future employer.

Mary B.

She was like a breath of fresh air to our family. At the time of
hire, we had 6 month old twins and  4 and 6 year old boys. Needless to
say sleep was much needed for our physical and mental health. We were
looking for someone a little more specialized to give an analysis on
sleep patterns. My babies took to her right away and she was able to
care for them with little direction. I highly recommend her for your

Hayley B.

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