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In-Person Support

When it comes to preparing for and settling in with your new family addition, nothing is better than the comfort of hands on, in person support. Not only am I able to offer superior care to your infant, compassionate care for your postpartum needs is included with all newborn support options. I assure you that when my time with your family comes to an end, you will have gained the knowledge and tools to confidently care for your little one. Additionally, I offer caregiver training to properly equip any nanny that may follow my Newborn Care. Have you considered what information might help your older children with their new role with baby? Sibling support is an excellent way to teach safety and build confidence. I am passionate about simplifying your parenting transition.


 All services are tailored to meet your family's specific needs and include 1-on-1 newborn care, feeding support, creation and maintenance of daily schedules, comprehensive safety check, sleep conditioning, newborn education, and more!

-Overnight Newborn Care and Postpartum Support

-12+ hrs for overnight services

-24 hour Newborn Care and Postpartum Support

-Infant Sleep Conditioning

-Caregiver Education and Training

-Sibling Support Training

-Nursery Safety Evaluation

-Newborn Education


American Red Cross Safety Class

My American Red Cross training certification allows me to customize your needs for Individual or group safety classes. With a maximum of ten students per session, you can gain crucial training and certification to be prepared for health emergencies. This training is valuable for parents, childcare providers, and birth workers alike. Small business owners who wish to equip their employees with this training should also consider this option. 


Each session is tailored to its participants. New parents receive additional newborn education with concentrated focus on infant rescue. Parents will learn preventative care to reduce danger risks. Childcare provider courses provide an emphasis on pediatric care. For younger participants who are interested in childcare, the American Red Cross Babysitter course provides an educational overview of general caretaking as well as CPR/First Aid certification. 


Book one of these classes today:


-Adult CPR/First Aid

-Pediatric CPR/First Aid

-Adult+child CPR/First Aid

-Epipen Administration

-Inhaler Administration

-Babysitter Certification with CPR/First Aid instruction


Virtual Consultation

While in person care is ideal, busy schedules and urgent needs may prevent that from being convenient for your family. Virtual services are available to meet your needs with more flexibility. Please do not allow the hustle and bustle of life to stop you from getting the support and safety knowledge your household deserves. Progress in newborn education, sleep conditioning, and nursery safety can all be made through virtual interaction. Additional support and adjustments to the ever-changing schedules of infants can also be achieved through short discussions scheduled at your convenience.


Schedule your virtual support as frequently as serves you best:

30-Minute Nursery Safety Evaluation 

Virtual Lactation Consultations

-Newborn Education Consultations 

-30 minute Previous Service Follow up 


Custom Package

As supporting your family well is my primary goal, it would be my pleasure to customize services to fulfill your needs. 

If a service or package you require is unavailable, please contact me for a complimentary consultation to discuss accommodating your needs. 

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